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Frequently Asked Questions About the
Hoya Honors Program


Q: What is the Hoya Honors Program (HHP)?
A. The HHP program is Hoya’s reward program for our accounts that choose to select our latest premium technology to differentiate and grow their business.

Q: How does the HHP work?
A: Order your lenses from any Hoya location and earn points of qualified Rx purchases of Hoya designs, materials and lens treatments. An HHP point has a value that can be redeemed for practice building tools, dispenser gift cards and checks.

Q: What is the duration of the HHP program?
A: The 2019 HHP program runs from April 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

Q: What happens at the end of a program?
A: Points earned can be spent up to 2 months after the program ends. Points not spent will expire March 1.

Q: Do HHP programs change from year to year?
A: Yes. Hoya always wants to reward its accounts for choosing its leading technology. New programs are introduced each year and throughout the year, at Hoya's discretion.

Q. Are there any exclusions to the HHP programs?
A. Yes. Only specified qualifying Rx orders, pricelists and accounts will be awarded HHP points. Hoya has sole discretion over the HHP program.


Q. Do points expire?
A. Yes points expire 2 months after the program ends and will expire March 1.

Q. What happens to the points not spent?
A. If an account does not spend their points by the deadline, they forfeit their points and will not be rolled over into any new programs.

Q. Does a plan require a minimum purchase to qualify for HHP points?
A. Yes please contact your Territory Sales Manager for details on your specific program.

Q. How often are earned points updated in my account?
A. Points are awarded to qualified Rx invoices each month. The points are uploaded to the HHP account on the 4th day of the following month.


Q. Where can I access my account?
A. You can access your account by logging into

Q. What is my user name?
A. Your user name is your account number.

Q. What is my password?
A. A password can only be retrieved by the practice owner. The owner can call the Hoya Honors Programs number: 1-800-306-1582 or email