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HOYA Corporation
From the world's most advanced technology comes the world's most advanced lenses.

HOYA is a global technology company and the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech products and services. With 59 divisions in 29 countries, HOYA employs 35,000 people worldwide.

HOYA Corporation's diverse business activities realize the potential of our advanced optics technologies. The information technology division encompasses electro-optics and photonics. Our strength in eye care is evident in our vision and health care divisions. The acquisition of Pentax Corporation in 2008 further strengthened our market position and diversification.

You can find HOYA technology in many products of well-known consumer brands, such as Apple, IBM, Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp and more. Also, HOYA technologies are used in many other professional fields, such as medical and dental devices, aerospace and security industries. "BusinessWeek" magazine recognized our technological advances in 2006 and 2007 by ranking HOYA a Top 100 technology company.

HOYA Vision Care
HOYA Vision Care is a $1.1 billion division with its headquarters located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. HOYA, the leading lens supplier in Asia and one of the largest suppliers worldwide, currently operates lens manufacturing plants in Thailand and China. Our focus on the development of new technologies that further meet patient needs is evident in our Research and Development Center located in Tokyo, Japan.
HOYA Vision Care, North America
With 19 labs in the United States and two in Canada, HOYA Vision Care, North America, custom fabricates ophthalmic lenses for eye care professionals in the United States, Canada and parts of South America. HOYA makes and supplies a complete range of high-quality lens designs, coatings and materials.

HOYA Technology
Design Technology: HOYA offers traditionally surfaced lens designs at all price points. At the pinnacle of HOYA's progressive lens design technology is Hoyalux iD and Hoyalux iD LifeStyle. These lenses use HOYA's patented Integrated Double Surface Technology, made possible through HOYA Free-Form Design Technology. HOYA is the only manufacturer with double surface technology.
Coating Technology: According to consumer research, scratch resistance is one of the most important lens characteristics. Super HiVision is the most scratch-resistant anti-reflective coating available on the market. Beyond unbeatable durability, HOYA offers a complete range of AR coatings, easy-to-clean topcoats and scratch resistant coatings to meet every performance and budget need.
Lens Material Technology: HOYA offers a broad range of lens materials, ranging from standard 1.50 plastic to its line of Eyry 1.70 ultra high index lenses. One of HOYA's most advanced lens materials is Phoenix (Trivex-based). Phoenix is the safest and lightest lens material for patients with moderate prescriptions.
We leverage our collective strengths to provide low-cost, high-tech solutions for your patients. To learn more, contact an authorized HOYA distributor or visit

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